ThreatFox IOC Tracker Data Adapter
  • 24 May 2022
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ThreatFox IOC Tracker Data Adapter

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ThreatFox is a project from which tracks indicators of compromise (IOCs) associated with malware. This Data Adapter supports lookups by the following key types:

  • URL
  • Domain
  • IP:port
  • MD5 hash
  • SHA256 hash

When the data adapter is created, the appropriate data set will be downloaded and stored in MongoDB. New data sets will be fetched based on the configured Refresh Interval.


This is a Graylog Operations Integrations feature and is only available since Graylog version 4.1.1. A valid Graylog Operations license is required.

Sample Lookup Data

A lookup for the file hash 923fa80da84e45636a62f779913559a07420a1c6e21f093d87ddfe04bda683c4 might produce the following output:

  "first_seen_utc": "2021-07-07T17:03:57.000+0000",
  "ioc_id": "158365",
  "ioc_value": "923fa80da84e45636a62f779913559a07420a1c6e21f093d87ddfe04bda683c4",
  "ioc_type": "sha256_hash",
  "threat_type": "payload",
  "fk_malware": "win.agent_tesla",
  "malware_alias": [
  "malware_printable": "Agent Tesla",
  "confidence_level": 50,
  "reference": "",
  "tags": [
  "anonymous": false,
  "reporter": "Virus_Deck"

Data Adapter Configuration

  • Title

    • A short title for the data adapter
  • Description

    • A description of the data adapter
  • Name

    • A unique name which will be used to refer to the data adapter
  • Custom Error TTL

    • Optional custom TTL for caching erroneous results. If no value is specified, the default value of 5 seconds will be used.
  • Include IOCs Older Than 90 Days

    • In order to avoid false positives, IOCs older than 90 days should be handled carefully. By default, IOCs older than 90 days will not be included in the Data Adapter’s data. When this option is selected, IOCs older than 90 days will be included.
  • Refresh Interval - Determines how often new data will be fetched. The minimum refresh interval is 3600 seconds (1 hour) because that is how often the source data is updated.

  • Case Insensitive Lookups - When selected, this will allow the data adapter to perform case insensitive lookups.

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