Microsoft WindowsΒΆ

Unfortunately there is no supported way to run Graylog on Microsoft Windows operating systems even though all parts run on the Java Virtual Machine. We recommend to run the virtual machine appliances on a Windows host. It should be technically possible to run Graylog on Windows but it is most probably not worth the time to work your way around the cliffs.

Should you require running Graylog on Windows, you need to disable the message journal in graylog-server by changing the following setting in the graylog.conf:

message_journal_enabled = false

Due to restrictions of how Windows handles file locking the journal will not work correctly.

Please note that this impacts Graylog’s ability to buffer messages, so we strongly recommend running Graylog on Linux. Consider a Linux virtual machine on a Windows host. Graylog setups on Windows are no fun and not officially supported.