Integrations Setup

Integrations are tools that help Graylog work with external systems. Integrations will typically be content packs, inputs, or lookup tables.

Integrations are distributed in a single plugin: graylog-plugin-enterprise-integrations. Although the plugin name contains the word “Enterprise”, an enterprise license is not required.


The following list shows the Graylog versions that the Integrations plugin is compatible with.

Integrations Version Requirements
Integrations Versions Required Graylog Version
2.5.0+0 2.5.0


To install the graylog-plugin-enterprise-integrations plugin, you can use one of the following options.


The Integrations plugin needs to be installed on all your Graylog nodes!

DEB / RPM Packages

If you have installed Graylog with operating system packages (as described in the Operating System Packages installation guides), then you can use the following DEB or RPM operating system packages.

When the usage of online repositories is not possible in your environment, you can download the Integrations packages from the URLs indicated in each section.


These packages can only be used when you installed Graylog via the Operating System Packages!


The installation on distributions like Debian or Ubuntu can be done with apt-get as installation tool from the previous installed online repository.

$ sudo apt-get install graylog-plugin-enterprise-integrations

Download Url


The installation on distributions like CentOS or RedHat can be done with yum as installation tool from the previous installed online repository.

$ sudo yum install graylog-plugin-enterprise-integrations

Download Url

Jar File

Depending on the Graylog setup method you have used, you have to install the plugins into different locations.

Plugin Installation Locations
Installation Method Directory
Virtual Machine Appliances /opt/graylog/plugins/
Operating System Packages /usr/share/graylog-server/plugin/
Manual Setup /<extracted-graylog-tarball-path>/plugin/

Also check the plugin_dir config option in your Graylog server configuration file. The default might have been changed.

Make sure to install the plugin JAR file alongside the other Graylog plugins. Your plugin directory should look similar to this after installing the Integrations plugin.

├── ...
├── graylog-plugin-enterprise-integrations-2.5.0+0.jar
└── ...

Server Restart

After you installed the Integrations plugin, you have to restart each of your Graylog servers. We recommend restarting one server at a time.

You should see something like the following in your Graylog server logs. It indicates that the plugin has been successfully loaded.

2018-12-10T17:39:10.811+01:00 INFO  [CmdLineTool] Loaded plugin: Integrations Plugin 2.5.0 [org.graylog.integrations.IntegrationsPlugin]

Cluster Setup

If you run a Graylog cluster, you need to add the Integrations plugins to every Graylog node.