Graylog Enterprise 1.2.0

Released: 2016-09-14

Plugin: Archive

Add support for selecting which streams should be included in your archives.

Plugin: Audit Log

New plugin to keep track of changes made by users to a Graylog system by automatically saving them in MongoDB.

Graylog Enterprise 1.1

Released: 2016-09-01

Added support for Graylog 2.1.0.

Graylog Enterprise 1.0.1

Released: 2016-06-08

Bugfix release for the archive plugin.

Plugin: Archive

Fixed problem when writing multiple archive segments

There was a problem when exceeding the max segement size so that multiple archive segments are written. The problem has been fixed and wrongly written segments can be read again.

Graylog Enterprise 1.0.0

Released: 2016-05-27

Initial Release including the Archive plugin.

Plugin: Archive

New features since the last beta plugin:

  • Support for multiple compression strategies. (Snappy, LZ4, Gzip, None)