Amazon Web Services


Select your AMI and AWS Region.


  • Click on Launch instance for your AWS region to start Graylog into.
  • Choose an instance type with at least 4GB memory
  • Finish the wizard and spin up the VM.
  • Login to the instance as user ubuntu
  • Run sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure
  • Open port 80 and ports for receiving log messages in the security group of the appliance

Open http://<vm ip> in your browser to access the Graylog web interface. Default username and password is admin.

Basic configuration

We are shipping the graylog-ctl tool with the virtual machine appliances to get you started with a customised setup as quickly as possible. Run these (optional) commands to configure the most basic settings of Graylog in the appliance:

sudo graylog-ctl set-email-config <smtp server> [--port=<smtp port> --user=<username> --password=<password>]
sudo graylog-ctl set-admin-password <password>
sudo graylog-ctl set-timezone <zone acronym>
sudo graylog-ctl reconfigure

The graylog-ctl has much more functionality and is documented here. We strongly recommend to learn more about it to ensure smooth operation of your virtual appliance.